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Please consider helping bolster our local arts and culture sector through a donation to the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis. Your gift will help fund our various grants and program for artists.

Arts and Economic Prosperity Study 6 Underway

RAC knows that convincing our government and civic leaders to act requires more than an earnest appeal to an individual’s morals, it takes demonstrating economic value and return on investment.

St. Louis is an Arts Town.

Explore all the ways you can bring the arts into your life in St. Louis.

For Artists
If you’re an artist in the region, learn more about grants, opportunities and resources.

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Are you one of the region’s many nonprofit arts organizations? Learn more about grants, programs and resources to specifically benefit groups like yours.

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Bring the arts into your life. Check out events, our public art directory and more.
Gyo Obata 2019 Class
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Artist INC Live Comes to St. Louis

Building a business or career around an art practice isn’t like building any other small business. Artist INC, a program of Mid-America Arts Alliance, addresses the challenges, helping artists and creatives take control of their art careers. Now, in partnership with RAC, Artist INC and MAAA are bringing that training to St. Louis to help artists learn business skills relevant to their work and turn their art practices into sustainable art careers. Applications are open now and close June 20, 2023.

Gyo Obata 2019 Class
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On April 1, RAC launched a new initiative to bring more tourists to the region to experience the arts. StLouisArts.org provides an immersive arts experience to local residents as well as potential tourists from across the country.

The new StLouisArts.org website will help guide people to the more than 30 theaters and theater companies, 40 music venues and 50 galleries and museums in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. It will also direct local, regional and national tourists to festivals, comedy venues, dance performances, and more.

The website launch coincides with a major marketing campaign, a first for RAC.

Gyo Obata 2019 Class
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Giving Back Through The Arts – A DELUX Magazine Profile

RAC President and CEO Vanessa Cooksey spoke with DELUX Magazine for their 314 Day Edition. Read what she had to say about what sets St. Louis apart from other cities, the healing power of art, and our collective role in building a creative environment that supports our youth.