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COVID-19 & the Arts

As we all work to process this ever-evolving global crisis, RAC is doing its best to keep pace with the decisions you are making to keep your staff, audiences, and the community safe and healthy. Here we outline our efforts to help, along with providing various resources.

To Current RAC Grantees,

In this time of crisis, RAC is here to support you. Funding won’t be withheld if programs or events are postponed or canceled due to COVID-19.

To gain a better understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on our arts and culture sector, we ask that you submit in writing any variances from the scheduled dates of the programs or needs set forth in the current grant cycle’s application. This request is in accordance with your contract with the Regional Arts Commission and will help us assess the impact of COVID-19 on our local arts and culture sector.

For Program Support, General Operating Support, Artist Support Grants, and Artist Fellowships, please send a program change notice to Chloe Smith at chloe@racstl.org.

RAC has been notified that as a result of significant hotel/motel room cancellations, there will be a cut in our tax revenue in this fiscal year. We have been given current estimates and will be updated quarterly on future tax revenue expectations. Even in the face of these cuts, our first priority will be to support you. We will maintain funding for awarded grants for this current grant cycle. Program Support Grants, Artist Support Grants, Artist Fellowships and General Operating Support Grants will be paid, even if programs are canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.

We know this is quite a bit of information to take in and you may have a few additional questions. For your convenience, we have prepared an FAQ page to address any follow-up questions you may have regarding your grant. We also know that many of you are looking for other funding resources and smart practices during this global crisis. You may access our resources page.

This is a challenging time for our world and for our community. RAC is moving through this period with great intention and compassion to support the St. Louis arts and culture community.

Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis