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A Creative Vision for St. Louis

On September 13, 2018, the Regional Arts Commission released Arts &: A Creative Vision for St Louis to the public. This document represents the culmination of the first comprehensive community cultural visioning process of its kind for the St Louis region. The report represents more than a year of community engagement involving over 3,000 people who shared their ideas how the arts could become more relevant to their own lives and play a stronger role in making St. Louis a better place to live.

With the visioning process complete, and with the establishment of a set of six community identified priorities, RAC moved into the completion of its five-year strategic plan. We have provided several reports for you to review, use and share.

Our work, in partnership with you, continues.

Key Priorities

As we listened to all of the different audiences who have been a part of this process, key themes, challenges, needs, resources, and opportunities emerged.

Guided by these, we have identified key priorities where RAC plans to focus its efforts and attention. This vision will drive the development of a collective strategy for the arts and culture in St. Louis.

If we succeed, we hope that people will see the arts in a bigger way — that we will have helped to broaden the definition of what the arts are and the impact they can have on individuals, on organizations, and on St. Louis.

We also hope that more people will see the arts as integral to their life experience, that more people will see an opportunity and an invitation to engage in the arts, and that leaders in the region will understand that everyone across the region benefits from engaging in the arts.

Master Facilities Plan

The Regional Arts Commission recently partnered with Campfire to gain an understanding about how people see the role of place in RAC’s vision and mission so that RAC can fulfill its master facilities plan component of the strategic plan. We asked our artists, organizations and stakeholders questions about the current facility at 6128 Delmar, as well as questions about possible relocation.

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