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Amplify Arts and Culture as an Economic Engine and Contributor to St. Louis’ High Quality of Life

  • Increase promotion of St. Louis as a cultural tourism destination competitive with other like-sized cities
  • Launch an initiative to advance the development of cultural districts in St. Louis City and County
  • Increase visibility of local arts organizations and artists through regional marketing and branding campaigns
  • Better integrate public art into city and county infrastructure through planning for parks, transportation and housing developments
  • Support and promote art at its highest level of achievement
  • Leverage the partnership with our most successful institutions to help achieve the priorities set forth in this cultural vision

St. Louis has a rich cultural life. Through decades of sustained leadership, the region’s arts and cultural world has evolved to include major cultural institutions, a strong and growing community of mid- and small-sized arts organizations, an expanding population of individual artists, and nationally recognized arts events.

Several long-standing and progressive policies, like those that established the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District (ZMD) and that designated a percent of hotel/motel taxes to support the arts (administered by RAC), provide stability to the arts sector.

“This city has so much to offer. Those outside don’t realize what is here. My friends from New York came to perform at the Muny, and they were amazed at what was here.”
– Community Leader Interview

Opera Theatre of St. Louis
Opera Theater of St. Louis