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Invite All St. Louisans to Actively Participate in the Arts and Encourage Civic Engagement

  • Support the growth and development of a network of cultural councils throughout St. Louis County to increase funding for the arts
  • Increase support to parks and libraries in low-income neighborhoods that currently have the least access to the arts
  • Develop partnerships with diverse organizations to transform under-utilized spaces into gathering places for creative and community use
  • Increase opportunities for more people to actively participate in the arts

RAC exists today because, when asked more than 30 years ago if they saw a Regional Arts Commission as the right, effective way to support the arts and culture, the people of St. Louis said yes, and voted RAC into existence.

We believe that as an arts and culture institution that owes its existence to this public funding, we must be accountable to the public. That’s why in our process, we made it a priority to seek out the voices of everyday St. Louisans.

Technology is giving artists access to wider audiences than ever before and exposing audiences to a wider range of artists and art forms. Technology is also changing people’s expectations about work, play, and how they can engage with the arts.

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