Mary Walsh


Mary Walsh (formerly McElwain) founded McElwain Fine Arts in 1994 after more than 10 years consulting on the development, management, and acquisition of fine arts programs. Her experience includes budgeting, project management, commissioning artists and galleries, and delivering formal written and oral presentations on contemporary art issues. Walsh brings to clients a detailed knowledge of art history, the art market, and the role of art in public and community relationship campaigns, as well as an understanding of business. As a member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors, Mary Walsh has been distinguished as a qualified provider of art advisory services, by meeting extensive ethical, aesthetic, and professional standards.

In 2004, Mary was appointed interim director of the Missouri Art Council, the state’s grant-making agency for the arts, by Governor Bob Holden. She is a member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors and the Society of Arts in Health Care.

Mary received a B.A. in studio art from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.

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