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Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels

By Jim Dine
Category: Sculpture


The tale of the little wooden puppet named Pinocchio has interested Dine for much of his life. Dine has executed drawings, sculptures, and paintings of Pinocchio, making the wooden boy come to life through his creations, much like Pinocchio’s fictional creator Geppetto. Standing atop a flat bronze cart with four wheels, Pinocchio proclaims his boyhood with outstretched arms in the sculpture Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels. Instead of focusing on the evils of lying, as Pinocchio’s frequent fibs and the moral of the story seem to suggest, Dine instead emphasizes the marvel of an inanimate object coming to life. Although his sculptures and paintings may appear to be simply lighthearted works of Pop art, Dine’s pieces contain several layers of meaning that instill a sense of wonder in the viewer.

Dimensions: 150″
Year Completed: 2009
Material: Painted bronze
Owner: Gateway Foundation

About the artist: