Public Art

Lowland Gorilla

By William Timym
Category: Sculpture


William Timym (pronounced “Tim”) was an artist whose most well known work is probably the Bleep and Booster cartoons for the BBC’s Blue Peter. Other cartoons he produced include Bengo the Boxer puppy.

He was also a bronze sculptor: Lowland Gorilla is a great example of his realistic wildlife sculptures. The life-size figure of a lowland gorilla was a gift to the zoo by Sidney and Sadie Cohen in honor of “Phil” (1941-58), a popular zoo attraction. This sculpture is placed in a plaza area in front of Jungle of the Apes.

Dimensions: 5′ x 5′ x 3′
Year Completed: 1980s
Material: Bronze
Owner: City of St. Louis
Donor: Sadie and Sidney Cohen

About the artist: