By Tony Smith
Category: Sculpture


Smith is one of the most celebrated sculptors of the twentieth century. Tied in name to Minimalism, Smith’s fame skyrocketed in the 60s as he made the cover of Time in 1967. Proponents of Smith often talk about the human scale of his abstract sculptures, pointing to his ability to find corporeal proportion in the most industrial forms. While he is best known for large geometric sculptures like Night, he also designed buildings, painted, and was an influential teacher. In fact, a retrospective of Smith’s work in late 1998 revealed a much more complicated figure than the artist who had been recognized to that point. Nevertheless, the widespread acknowledgment of his work was a drastic shift in the art world’s spotlight and, if for no other reason, this influence on future generations cannot be denied.

Courtesy of the Gateway Foundation.

Dimensions: 144″ x 144″ x 192″
Year Completed: 1962
Material: Painted steel
Owner: Gateway Foundation

About the artist: