RAC’s Strategic Plan

Advocate, Partner, Catalyst

On March 11, RAC released a five-year plan, titled Advocate, Partner, Catalyst: A Strategic Plan to Strengthen RAC’s Leadership Role in the St. Louis Region.

The plan outlines priorities to build capacity; increase exposure to arts education; and advance diversity, equity and inclusion within the arts and culture sector of St. Louis.

Download the plan (PDF).

The goal of the strategic plan is to strengthen RAC’s impact on issues that affect the arts and culture sector in our region. The plan outlines four priorities to respond to some of our most critical needs:

Grow and Develop Capacity of Artists and Arts Organizations

The focus of this priority is on arts management training for small budget and mid-sized nonprofit arts and culture organizations, as well as individual artists to create healthy, growing organizations and communities of artists that achieve a diversity of revenue sources.

Advance the Education of Young People in and through the Arts

The goal of this priority is to increase exposure and access to arts education for every child, in every school, through collaborative programming.

Increase Equity in the Arts through Leadership and Collaboration

This priority will focus on supporting arts and culture organizations in a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and providing targeted management and infrastructure support for organizations of color.

Strengthen Key Organizational Infrastructure

This priority focuses on strengthening RAC’s internal organizational infrastructure to support the five-year plan including grantmaking, technology and data, and management and governance.

The plan is the product of a multi-year process involving stakeholders across the St. Louis region. Over the next five years, RAC will fulfill these ambitious goals by leveraging the resources of the greater St. Louis region and encouraging collaboration to create a sustainable and diverse arts sector. Will you join us?

Implementation Timeline

Implementation Timeline – Updated June 2020

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