RAC Interns Gain Experience and Grow Their Networks

“The Katherine Dunham Internship was a great introduction to arts management.  I definitely bonded with RAC staff, with Sara and Jack Burke, and with former Katherine Dunham interns. This opportunity provided me with tools to grow professionally and successfully network with others in the arts. As a result of this internship experience, I am now part of a bigger community: the Dunham community, the RAC community, and the St. Louis arts community.”

– Sarah Negron, Katherine Dunham Intern 2015

“Interning at RAC has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many of the unique, creative people that live and work in St. Louis community. I could not have asked for a better experience.”
– Sophie, Summer 2013

“What I have enjoyed most about the internship is seeing how important the arts are in the lives of individuals and the vitality of their communities. Working for a funding agency like RAC shows you how crucial funds are for artists and nonprofits; it is extremely rewarding to see how far these arts and cultural organizations can stretch the dollars that RAC and other funders provide.”
– Alex Durdello, Spring & Summer 2013

“This internship experience has allowed me to form strong relationships with members of the arts community and develop skills that will help jumpstart my career.”
– Katie Ribant, Summer 2013

“This experience gave me a clear direction on where I want to go in the future, and grew my passion for arts centered non-profits. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience!”
– Elyse Vesser, Summer 2013

“The Katherine Dunham internship has provided me with unbelievable opportunities and given me indispensable tools to take with me on my journey through the business of the arts. I am immensely grateful to Jack and Sara Burke and the Regional Arts Commission for creating this opportunity. As a dancer and choreographer, it is through this internship that I am connected to the name of one of my childhood icons, Katherine Dunham, and am able to share her legacy.”
– Aeren Jhae Bates,
 Katherine Dunham Intern, 2013

“This Katherine Dunham Internship has greatly contributed towards my maturity personally as well as professionally. Thanks to Jack and Sara Burke and the entire Regional Arts Commission staff. My time here was incomparable and I will treasure this experience forever.”
– Rachel Ligon,
 Katherine Dunham Intern 2012

“Being named a Katherine Dunham Intern is more than just a job. It is a network. It is an affirmation in the encouragement and promotion of cultural diversity within the arts. It is a lifelong honor. As a former Katherine Dunham intern, I have received ongoing support from not only the Regional Arts Commission and Sara and Jack Burke, but from the St. Louis arts community as a whole. This opportunity has instilled confidence in me and my future within the arts.”
– Antionette Carroll,
 Katherine Dunham Intern 2011