Alexis Creamer

July 21, 2022

As a native of St. Louis and a lover and supporter of the arts, Alexis Creamer admits she’s only had exposure to one area and demographic of the arts. After joining the RAC AEP6 Research Team, she’s been given an opportunity to explore various art districts in St. Louis, some in which she had never heard of or attended previously.

“This position has shown me the diversity of the arts, its forms, and the many people who support it,” Creamer said. “This work reveals to me why it is so important to keep art alive, while doing all the things to uplift it and allowing it to expand. Art in our city truly brings people together from just about every corner of St. Louis. In a number of municipalities within this city, you can find a place of appreciation for food, music, dance, theatre, visual artistry, and more.”

As a research assistant, Creamer has grown a deeper love and appreciation for all the ways art exists in St. Louis. The research has also helped spark creativity within herself.

“This work has allowed my personal artistry to develop,” she said. “While surveying at the Contemporary Art Museum, I connected with a curator of Poetry at the Point. It created an opportunity to share my literary works with different diasporas of St. Louis as a young black writer. Exploring various art events while serving as a research assistant has opened my network and allowed me to connect through art to feel accessible no matter where I am. I’ve always wanted to feel included in the arts communities of St. Louis, and now I am integral part of it.”

When she’s not conducting research, Creamer advocates for philanthropy. As a Persistence Coach for the Wyman Center, she is a strong believer of empowering scholars to discover their passion while fueling their purpose. Through her work, she prides herself on her ability meet young adults where they are and to assist them in overcoming adversity to find their willpower through effective programming and intentional partnership.

Creamer is also alumna of Rung for Women, a competitive 6–18-month cohort initiative with a focus on coaching, teaching of holistic practices, urban sustainability, and advanced professional skills training. Following her college graduation, she was recently awarded a position within the FOCUS STL 2023 Emerging Leaders Cohort. While assisting her community in attaining knowledge, and discovering their passions, she aims to continue to unveil her own, as a public speaker, writer, poet, and lover of the arts.