Gyo Obata Fellowship

The 2020 Gyo Obata Fellowship application for fellows will open in early 2020. Sign up to receive an email notification when it opens.

The application for organizations will open in fall 2019.

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is pleased to introduce the Gyo Obata Fellowship, a new program for undergraduate students pursuing careers in arts management. With major funding provided by the Gateway Foundation, the program will address the need for a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable local nonprofit arts and culture sector.

Group of 10 college students who were the 2019 Gyo Obata FellowsThe Gyo Obata Fellowship is a substantive, full-time, summer work opportunity for college undergraduates from backgrounds that have been traditionally underrepresented in the arts. The 10-week paid summer fellowship program will provide a minimum of ten college students working towards careers in arts administration with a hands-on introduction to arts nonprofits in St. Louis City and County.

The program will match undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds with host nonprofit arts organizations. The program is intended to be mutually beneficial, providing arts organizations with financially subsidized staff to support ongoing operations or address the needs of special projects during the summer months.


The Gyo Obata Fellowship is a program of the Regional Arts Commission (RAC), with major support from the St. Louis-based Gateway Foundation.