Bob Madden

August 22, 2022

Bob joined the Regional Arts Commission to assist with Arts & Economic Prosperity Study 6 Research program and is now proud to be working as Volunteer Coordinator at RAC in Fall 2022.

Bob spent 35 years working in and around town at a variety of fine dining restaurants eventually culminating in having his own place in South City called 50/Fifty Kitchen- “Half Vegan and Half Not.” Along with amazing locally sourced food the restaurant featured live music every night and local art on every wall. Art Fairs were held once a month for local artists to showcase their talents.

During the pandemic Bob decided to get back into school to pursue a degree in Art Education but quickly recognized the need and opportunities working with art in communities and to help move the needle in society in a positive way. He is a returning student after a 25-year hiatus to raise a family.  Bob Madden is currently enrolled at UMSL getting his BFA in Studio Art with a minor in Art History.

Joining the student run organization Artists Anonymous He quickly moved into a leadership role and elevated the mission to not only include helping the student body, but also reaching out to surrounding areas. Under his guidance the organization has worked on several Make-A-Wish Campaigns and community outreach programs. “Art is the sole of society – without art we do not function as well. That is our mantra, and we strive every day to do more.” He is currently growing the organization to include chapters in other universities and to create it as a Non-Profit functioning outside of the Academic world.

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