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Event FAQs

Welcome to RAC’s STL Arts Events Calendar FAQs. The following FAQs are provided to assist you with questions about our events calendar. Looking for a fun event to attend or experience virtually? Something family-friendly? A concert? Or festival? With hundreds to view, the STL Arts Events Calendar is a great way to experience arts and culture throughout the St. Louis region!
How can I find events I’m interested in?
Events can be sorted by type using the categories dropdown above the event tiles. You can also search for events by keyword. Once you’ve selected a category or keyword, click the “Search Events” button to activate your search.
How do I add events to my calendar?
Add an event to your calendar by clicking the Add to Calendar button on the event details page.
How do I share events with my friends?
Events can be shared on various popular social media sites using the social media icons under the event details.
How do I see events only on a certain date?
You can see events on a particular date by using the date selector on the event page. Click the field to select a date, then click the “Search Events” button to activate your search. The event list will show events starting on the date you selected, as well as events starting after that date.
Why does it look like there are so many of the same event?
An event displays once for each listed show time. If you see an event more than once, that means it happens multiple times.
How can I see if an event has multiple show dates?
Events with multiple show dates or times will be identified as a “Recurring Event” and have a link to “See All” dates and times.
How can I see only free events?
See a list of all free events by clicking the block next to “Only Show Free Events,” then click the “Search Events” button to activate your search. The event list will then display all free events.
Can I buy event tickets on the site?
While tickets cannot be purchased directly from the website, tickets to some events can be purchased by clicking the “Buy Tickets” button on the event details page.
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