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Disbursements and Payments

General Operating Support

All General Operating Support award payments will be made on a monthly basis through automatic deposit in a series of 11 equal installments to be made starting July 1, 2017 and ending May 1, 2018 of the following year. Organizations are required to fill out and submit an Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits) in order to initiate credit entries to the designated account.

Program Support

All Program Support grantees can manage their grant through grants.racstl.org.  Please login to grants.racstl.org to access the disbursement request forms.  If you have trouble accessing these documents, please contact your grant manager.

All Program Support award payments will be through automatic deposit in three equal disbursements. See the Grants Information Guide for a full description and instructions for completing each disbursement. The disbursement request forms are available through grants.racstl.org.

NOTE: Your organization may forfeit all or part of the grant award if disbursement requests are not received within the required timeline, you have not met your grant tier requirements, and/or you did not complete the approved program or had unapproved major changes. If extreme circumstances prevent you from completing disbursement requests or you have any major changes to the program, notify Jess Longueville, jess@racstl.org  immediately.

Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits)

All fund disbursements will be through automatic deposit to your organization’s account.  An Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits) form is provided that must be filled out.  You must submit the completed form along with a voided check from your organization before any funds can be disbursed.

Add your Arts & Culture Event

Your RAC grant contract requires that you add your events to the RAC Arts & Culture Events Calendar.

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