Grantee Experiences

Over the years, RAC has provided CAM with the kind of core operating support that allows us to remain responsive, with partnerships and programs developed by and for our community. RAC grants enable us to work directly with artists-in the last year, CAM hired 72 artists, 90% of whom were local-and sustain CAM’s yearly calendar of exhibitions, public programs, education initiatives, and community collaborations.

With RAC’s support, CAM remains a free and welcoming place that brings that contemporary art world to St. Louis audiences, serving as a conduit for new ideas to and from our region.

Consistent funding from the Regional Arts
Commission of St. Louis for over a decade has
enabled us to teach classical Indian dance to
audiences who might never otherwise get to
experience this unique performing art style, such
as folks in schools and assisted living centers.

It has also helped us to invite guest artists of many
dance Styles from St. Louis, the US, and abroad, to
perform in Dances Of India’s annual productions. In
this way St. Louis audiences get to experience not
just the beauty Of classical Indian dance but the
beauty Of dance itself, while also seeing that dance
is alive and kicking right here in town!

The Regional Arts Commission has a major
influence on my success in my career path as a
music artist. Financial support via grants have
given me a launching pad to unearth new territories
in my quest for deepening my artistic voice and

I highly recommend all artists show up to their
workshops and regularly apply for grants. The
process itself will elevate understanding of how to
present and carry oneself where the world of art
intersects business. Because of RAC, I have been
able to fund new recordings, upgrade equipment
and travel for professional development.

RAC was instrumental in the continuation of our
work with Occupy Vacancy. Without it, we wouldn’t
have been able to secure our site as well as
complete the first iteration, ‘Rite of Location’.

We would recommend to ang artist that’s hesitant
about the process to just apply.

Funding from the Regional Arts Commission’s Artist Support Grant has allowed me to realize my
project Beside Between Beyond. I used the grant’s
funds to research, create and install “Weight Of
Shadows,” an interactive art installation at the
contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis. This is an
awareness building project about domestic
violence with a highlight on the immigrant and
refugee communities.

The application process was clear and
straight forward. RAC also produced a video
documentation of the project which has been very
useful in the awareness building process. I highly
recommend artists and art organizations to apply!

RAC support has been instrumental in supporting
the Hispanic arts and culture in the St. Louis
artistic landscape.

Not only does the funding support Hispanic artists
but also says to our community, “we see you and
support you.”

Thanks to the Regional Arts Commission’s
continued support, The Sheldon has been able to
fulfill its own mission — making the arts accessible
to the St. Louis community.

The Artist Support grants I’ve received were life
rafts of space and time in an endless sea of
single-parent responsibilities.

Because of RAC’s Support, I’ve been able to
assemble a collection of my work, replace my dying
laptop, look forward to a forthcoming writing
residency and retreat, and, perhaps most
importantly, I have shown my beloved daughter
that creativity is a part of our family’s legacy.

Being an artist is one of the most magical things in the World. You get to tell the tales of pain, of joy, of
wonder. The ability to create these stories and
share them with audiences of all different
backgrounds is the core of the urban ethos.

Making sure that art is sustainable and that artists
can share the magic is one of the basic principles of
Regional Arts Commission. Their funding of the
local arts helps redefine the boundaries in which
these stories can be shared. As a past recipient Of
their grants I’m endlessly thankful for the ability to
expand my art and perfect my craft. It’s necessary
to fund the arts because art keeps the spirit of the
city alive.

For decades, RAC’s support for Opera Theatre of St. Louis has been steadfast and generous. Their ongoing grant awards have helped us shape a vibrant future for opera, foster the next generation of artists and patrons, and continue making opera accessible and inclusive to all.

We are grateful for this partnership and the shared commitment to bringing art into the lives of all St Louisans.

Andrew Jorgenson

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