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Awarded Grants

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) provides financial support for both non-profit organizations and individual artists in St. Louis City and County. RAC supports non-profit organizations and individual artists through four core grants programs: Program Support, General Operating Support (GOS), Artist Support, and Artist Fellowships.

In 2019, RAC awarded $4.2 million in financial support for Program Support, Artist Support, Artist Fellowships, and General Operating Support.


Artist Fellowship

Awardee Discipline Amount Organization URL Year
Awardee: Asha PremDiscipline: DanceAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://dancesofindiastlouis.org/Year: 2020
Awardee: Eimear ArkinsDiscipline: MusicAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.eimeararkins.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Jennifer ColtenDiscipline: Visual ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.jennifercolten.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Kea WilsonDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: Year: 2020
Awardee: Kevin McCoyDiscipline: Visual ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.w-o-r-k-p-l-a-y.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Monica NewsamDiscipline: DanceAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.newsamaerialdance.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Paul TranDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://iampaultran.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Shualee CookDiscipline: Theatre ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://shualeecook.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Audrey SimesDiscipline: DanceAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://www.audreysimes.com/Year: 2019
Awardee: Bill MorrisDiscipline: Media ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://vimeo.com/williammorrisYear: 2019
Awardee: Cheeraz GormomDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://www.cheerazgormon.netYear: 2019
Awardee: Greg CarrDiscipline: Theatre ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://folktaleartists.com/greg/Year: 2019
Awardee: Harvey LockhartDiscipline: MusicAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.harveylockhart.com/Year: 2019
Awardee: Jacqui GermainDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: Year: 2019
Awardee: Margaret KellerDiscipline: Visual ArtssAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://margaretkellerstudio.comYear: 2019
Awardee: Tim PortlockDiscipline: Visual ArtssAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://www.timportlock.net/Year: 2019
Awardee: Brett WilliamsDiscipline: Media ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: www.brflux.comYear: 2017
Awardee: De NicholsDiscipline: DesignAmount: 20,000Organization URL: www.denichols.comYear: 2017
Awardee: Edward McPhersonDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: Year: 2017
Awardee: Ellie BalkDiscipline: Visual ArtssAmount: 20,000Organization URL: www.elliebalk.comYear: 2017

Artist Support

Awardee Discipline Amount Organization URL Year
Abbie L. SteilingMusic2,850n/a2022
Adrienne Outlaw PistonVisual Arts5,000n/a2022
Aisha SultanMedia Arts5,000n/a2022
Ala’a SalemVisual Arts5,000n/a2022
alexis ilana kurtzmanVisual Arts2,000n/a2022
Amy N ReidelVisual Arts5,000n/a2022
Amy S. MillerVisual Arts3,154n/a2022
Andrea Lauren MoonVisual Arts3,210n/a2022
Andrew P RolaVisual Arts5,000n/a2022
Basil KincaidFolk & Traditional Arts5,000n/a2022
Benjamin A ScholleMedia Arts4,125n/a2022
Bethany R BombaraMusic5,000n/a2022
Bobby Edward Parker, Jr.Visual Arts5,000n/a2022
Brandon D ChavisVisual Arts5,000n/a2022
Brea Youngbloodother4,650n/a2022
Brian A LathanVisual Arts4,398.75n/a2022
Brian C WoodsMusic3,623n/a2022
Brian McClellandMedia Arts5,000n/a2022
Brianna Marie McIntyreVisual Arts5,000n/a2022
Brianna Marie McIntyreVisual Arts5,000n/a2022

Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020/2021 Program Support and General Operating Support grants amounts are not yet determined. Please check back in early 2021 for updated information.