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Awarded Grants

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) provides financial support for both non-profit organizations and individual artists in St. Louis City and County. RAC supports non-profit organizations and individual artists through four core grants programs: Program Support, General Operating Support (GOS), Artist Support, and Artist Fellowships.

In 2019, RAC awarded $4.2 million in financial support for Program Support, Artist Support, Artist Fellowships, and General Operating Support.


Artist Fellowship

Awardee Discipline Amount Organization URL Year
Awardee: Asha PremDiscipline: DanceAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://dancesofindiastlouis.org/Year: 2020
Awardee: Eimear ArkinsDiscipline: MusicAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.eimeararkins.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Jennifer ColtenDiscipline: Visual ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.jennifercolten.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Kea WilsonDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: Year: 2020
Awardee: Kevin McCoyDiscipline: Visual ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.w-o-r-k-p-l-a-y.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Monica NewsamDiscipline: DanceAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.newsamaerialdance.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Paul TranDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://iampaultran.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Shualee CookDiscipline: Theatre ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://shualeecook.com/Year: 2020
Awardee: Audrey SimesDiscipline: DanceAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://www.audreysimes.com/Year: 2019
Awardee: Bill MorrisDiscipline: Media ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://vimeo.com/williammorrisYear: 2019
Awardee: Cheeraz GormomDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://www.cheerazgormon.netYear: 2019
Awardee: Greg CarrDiscipline: Theatre ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://folktaleartists.com/greg/Year: 2019
Awardee: Harvey LockhartDiscipline: MusicAmount: 20,000Organization URL: https://www.harveylockhart.com/Year: 2019
Awardee: Jacqui GermainDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: Year: 2019
Awardee: Margaret KellerDiscipline: Visual ArtssAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://margaretkellerstudio.comYear: 2019
Awardee: Tim PortlockDiscipline: Visual ArtssAmount: 20,000Organization URL: http://www.timportlock.net/Year: 2019
Awardee: Brett WilliamsDiscipline: Media ArtsAmount: 20,000Organization URL: www.brflux.comYear: 2017
Awardee: De NicholsDiscipline: DesignAmount: 20,000Organization URL: www.denichols.comYear: 2017
Awardee: Edward McPhersonDiscipline: LiteratureAmount: 20,000Organization URL: Year: 2017
Awardee: Ellie BalkDiscipline: Visual ArtssAmount: 20,000Organization URL: www.elliebalk.comYear: 2017

Artist Support

Awardee Discipline Amount Organization URL Year
Allana RossVisual Art3,000http://www.allanaross.com2020
Arny NadlerVisual Art1,821http://arnynadler.com2020
Ben ReeceMusic3,000http://www.benreece.bandcamp.com2020
Bobby NorfolkTheatre Arts2,000http://www.bobbynorfolk.com
Chris RenteriaMedia Arts2,000https://vimeo.com/mooshidofilms2020
Christopher PhillipsMedia Arts2,000http://www.maverickmediagroup.net2020
David WerfelmannMusic3,0002020
Diadie BathilyDance3,000https://afrikylolo.org/2020
Graham LaneVisual Art3,000http://grahamlane.com2020
Katarra ParsonMusic3,000https://katarramusic.com2020
Lindsey LieuVisual Art1,735http://www.lindseylieu.com2020
Mark PaganoMusic3,000http://www.seefiredogroll.com2020
Mary LamboleyVisual Art3,000https://www.marylamboley.com2020
Melissa Bauer and José Guadalupe GarzaSocial Practice3,000http://sentiwere.com/2020
Nicole CooperVisual Art1,060http://www.nicolecooperartist.com/2020
Pacia AndersonLiterature1,500https://www.paciaelaine.com/2020
Philip BoehmTheatre Arts3,000https://www.upstreamtheater.org2020
Tarcea WillisMusic2,8322020
Aaron MannDesign2,519https://amann.myportfolio.com/projects2019
Aaron McMullinVisual Arts1,9462019

Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020/2021 Program Support and General Operating Support grants amounts are not yet determined. Please check back in early 2021 for updated information.

Arts and cultural events are waiting around every corner throughout the St. Louis region. Explore the abundant creativity our area has to offer. From gallery shows and performances to public installations, St. Louis is rich with culture and the arts in all forms. Browse these links to experience our arts community firsthand.


Due to the ongoing financial impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Regional Arts Commission (RAC) has been working diligently to adjust our annual grantmaking programs to ensure alignment with RAC’s strategic priorities, and in response to feedback from the arts community.


We have gathered a variety of news, information, and other resources to sustain the health and vibrancy of our arts community.


As the leading public catalyst for arts and culture in St. Louis, the Regional Arts Commission leverages the power of creativity to strengthen and enrich our community. Read our commitment to diversity, racial equity, accessibility, and inclusion, and see our strategic plan for the next five years.


Covid-19 has impacted us all. But what it hasn’t changed is RAC’s commitment to finding innovative ways to support arts programming, arts organizations, and individual artists through the pandemic, and to resuming these programs as soon as conditions allow.


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