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Ellie Balk
Jacob Stanley

Ribbons of Light is a sculpture of LED tentacle-like lines of light that will engulf the corner of the Park Pacific Apartments parking garage at Tucker Street and Pine Street. The work is visible as lines of color many stories above the street throughout the day and glowing lines at night. This site-responsive installation explores the dynamics of movement, balance and light on an otherwise forgettable parking garage using commonly found utilitarian materials and techniques. The colored light sculpture merges and juxtaposes with the surrounding urban fabric and uses the specific architectural details of the site to reward viewers from multiple vantage points. Stanley hopes that the elegant movement of the cascading lights will interrupt the rigid grid of the city and spark a sense of curiosity in those who view the work.

Jacob Stanley is a sculptor who has created large-scale commissions at sites around the country and has participated in several artist residencies, most recently a residency funded by the Groot Foundation at Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota.

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