Ellie Balk
Van Dyck Murphy Studio

Sine Screen is a digitally designed and fabricated exploration of architectural ornament in the form of a 3D printed masonry screen wall. The project explores the role of emerging digital technologies with an understanding of the ways humans have been constructing buildings for millennia. Sine Screen is specifically inspired by the architecture and ornament of Adler and Sullivan, architects of the world-famous Wainwright Building where the work is sited. Each unit of the site-specific sculpture is printed in sustainable, locally sourced clay. The design of the units are mathematic sine equations based on the traditional façade ornamentation of Adler and Sullivan. While architects and craftspeople of the 19th century would have constructed ornamental bricks by hand using terra cotta and hand made molds, the Van Dyck Murphys print their units in a similar ceramic material but using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Sine Screen distills the detailed cornice designs on the Wainwright Building above into contemporary forms, which repeated and stacked produce patterns of light and shadow within the outdoor courtyard.

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Kelley Van Dyck and Jonathan Murphy of Van Dyck Murphy Studio engage in built and speculative projects that explore ideas of focused contextuality, materially driven form, and projected space. Their work is focused on merging ideas related to materiality, craft, and experiential narratives.

Van Dyck is an assistant professor of architecture at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. In the School of Architecture, she teaches design studios and seminar courses in representation, digital media and material studies. In 2019, she was awarded research grants from both Washington University and the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis for research in 3D printing in non-traditional mediums. Van Dyck earned a Master of Architecture from Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

Murphy is a design associate at Christner Architects in St. Louis. His past projects range from higher-education research buildings to large-scale corporate/commercial projects in the U.S. and abroad. A focus on complex geometries, conceived and resolved through a diverse digital toolset has evolved throughout his career. Murphy earned a Master of Architecture, a Master of Urban Design and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Washington University. He has practiced architecture in St. Louis, New York, and Shenzen. 

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