The Arts are Big Business in St. Louis

The arts and culture sector contributes jobs, produces economic activity, and attracts tourists to St. Louis every year.

RAC Gives $4.5 Million in Grants to Local Artists and Arts Organizations

One of the Largest Grant Allocations in RAC’s History

When You Support the Arts,
You Support St. Louis

Please consider helping bolster our local arts and culture sector through a donation to the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis. Your gift will help fund our various grants and program for artists.

St. Louis is an Arts Town.

Explore all the ways you can bring the arts into your life in St. Louis.

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A Guide to Arts Summer Camps in St. Louis

Summer camp registration is opening across St. Louis, and there are several opportunities for children and teenagers to explore the arts! From theater to visual arts, dance and music, our arts programs and organizations have something for all ages. 

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In the St. Louis Business Journal: The Arts Contributed $868M to St. Louis Economy in 2022

The arts spark economic development, bring millions of tourists to the region and have put St. Louis on the map as a leading arts destination. As St. Louis positions itself as a great place to work, live and play, the arts and culture sector plays a vital role. Learn more about how the arts mean big business in St. Louis.

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River Styx Relaunch: Literary Journal Continues to Make Waves

River Styx, St. Louis’ oldest literary and visual arts journal, has officially relaunched its publication. For over 48 years, they have inspired local and national audiences with moving poetry and striking visual pieces. Though extreme financial and staffing struggles threatened the future of the publication, local organizations such as the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis (RACSTL) helped keep it afloat.