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2 Arcs x 4 230.5 Degree Arc x 5

By Bernar Venet
Category: Sculpture


These sculptures by Bernar Venet are precisely as described by the title: beams of steel rolled into 230.5 degree arcs. Throughout his career, Venet works to define art and to separate himself from the idea that art is the expression of the artist. For him the most important element in the work of art is the concept or idea involved. In his recent work, Venet creates works based on mathematical graphs and formulas. In mathematics, Venet discovered a language of symbols that satisfied his desire to create art that is non-expressive and not subject to personal interpretation.

Courtesy of The Gateway Foundation.

Dimensions: 162″ x 162″ x 60″
Year completed: 1999
Material: Steel
Owner: Gateway Foundation

About the artist: