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A Walk in the Park

By Andy Cross, Caitlin Harris and Tai Tessmer
Category: Miscellaneous, Sculpture


An overlay of lacy aluminum silhouettes titled A Walk in the Park embellishes the distinctive cement privacy fence called the Catlin Wall that runs east from the intersection of Skinker Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway along the south side of the road parallel to the MetroLink tracks. Pedestrians, car passengers and MetroLink riders enjoy this visual enhancement whenever they pass by.

Upon closer inspection, viewers may observe that the fence isn’t just a fence but an artwork unified by a series of cut metal panels depicting landscape elements of trees, vines, leaves and trellises. A Walk in the Park adds a layer of visual interest stretching nearly a mile along the parkway. There are 355 panels total; the whole piece spans 3550 feet across the wall. Due to the thoughtful design plan, the Catlin Wall is more than a functional sound and privacy wall for the private homes along its south side. It also punctuates and adds aesthetic grace to the fence’s public side.

Originally the water cut aluminum panels were the same flat gray hue as the cement fence but, exposed to the elements over time, they have taken on a golden iridescent patina that highlights the silhouetted elements making them seem to hover in front of the wall.

Courtesy of Metro Arts in Transit

Dimensions: 6′ 4″ x 10′ x 6″
Year Completed: 2006
Material: Water jet cut aluminum panels mounted on cement wall
Owner: MetroArts

About the artist: