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Animals Always

By Albert Paley
Category: Sculpture


Animals Always is the world’s largest public zoo sculpture. It contains more than 60 recognizable animals, including elephants, penguins, giraffes and a giant salamander, as well as exotic vegetation. “It’s about how we relate to a threatened environment,” said Paley, arguably now America’s foremost forged metal sculptor. Paley is celebrated worldwide for his inventive approach to form development and metal technique.  He is currently a Distinguished Professor holding the Charlotte Fredericks Mowris endowed chair at the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Paley developed the original design concept for Animals Always over 20 years ago.  The current design is the result of an inspirational architectural tour of St Louis and from working closely with St. Louis Zoo authorities and others to develop the concept over the last three years.  The scale and involvement of the St. Louis Zoo sculpture is the largest and most complex project of his prolific career.

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Dimensions: 130′ x 36′ x 8′
Year Completed: 2006
Material: 100-ton Cor-ten weathered steel
Owner: City of St. Louis

*Photo Courtesy of Forest Park Forever.

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