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Aspirations of Atlas

By Terrence Karpowicz
Category: Sculpture


Karpowicz is particularly drawn to tension at the point of contact, or “joint”, between disparate materials. By joining irregular, organic materials (such as wood limbs or granite shards) to machine-tooled geometric shapes of metal, he creates actual or implied kinetic relationships among the elements of the sculpture.

The various ways in which these disparate materials interact with each other mark the artist’s relationship to his world. Oak and granite nesting in congruent harmony, stainless steel orbs spinning within walnut ellipses, granite shards twisting against armatures of steel-all elements held together with Karpowicz’s signature dedication to refined and skillful craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 9′
Year Completed: 1990s
Material: Steel, granite and bronze
Owner: Southwestern Illinois College Foundation
Donor: Nations Bank

About the artist: