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Civilian Conservation Corps Worker

By Unknown
Category: Sculpture


Between 1933 and 1942 the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) revitalized the nation’s forests by planting over an estimated three billion trees. While this task was needed due to poor logging and agriculture practices, its real value was to provide work to hundreds of thousands of America men. One of a series of work projects instituted by the Roosevelt administration, the CCC was a huge boost to America’s moral and helped lift the country out of the Great Depression. One of thirty-one of these statues around the country, the CCC Worker commemorates the work project and the men who participated in it. The funds to make this statue were raised by the CCC Alumni Association who hope to one day have one of these statues in every state.

For more information visit the CCC Alumini website.

Dimensions: 6′
Year Completed: 1996
Material: Bronze
Owner: Civilian Conservation Corps Museum

About the artist: