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Courage, Vision, Sacrifice, Loyalty

By Walker Hancock
Category: Sculpture


The four statues CourageVisionSacrifice, and Loyalty were part of the architect’s total design of the Soldiers’ Memorial, the only building on the two-block-long plaza. Sculptors nationwide were invited to bid on the project. The winner, Leo Friedlander of New York, gave up after five months citing that the project was too complex, and the contract was transferred to Hancock who both reduced the size and carved the four figures in place. Still, there was not enough money, and a dispute about including the child held by Sacrifice ensued. The additional cost of $1,000 for producing the child was finally assumed by Moceri Monument Company, the stone contractor.

The figures on the south side represent Courage (male) and Vision (female); the figures on the north side represent Loyalty (male) and Sacrifice (female).

Dimensions: 13′ x 7′ x 5′
Year Completed: 1939
Material: Limestone
Owner: City of St. Louis
Donor: Public Works Administration/Federal Art Project

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