By Charles Ginnever
Category: Sculpture


Named after a Greek island, Charles Ginnever’s Crete, 1976-78, is one of ten steel sculptures from his Hellenic series. Ginnever titled each sculpture in the series after a Greek place, person or myth with the intention for each design to be as long-lasting as ancient monuments. Crete’s angular structure offers an unexpected merry-go-round fluidity. Teasing our notion of perspective, the piece evolves into different configurations as we encircle the piece—a triangular form closes as another one opens. Ginnever attributes our ideas on perspective as constructed around a three-point diminishing perspective. With Crete, he focuses on an eastern way of viewing where forms unexpectedly change as you walk around them.

Courtesy of Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Year Completed: 1976-78
Material: Cor-ten steel
Donor: Gift of Adam and Judith Aronson

About the artist: