Public Art

Cubed Squared

By Jerald Jacquard
Category: Sculpture


Jerald Jacquard’s Cubed Squared appears as a simple construction, yet it is paradoxically complex. Using the added element of the fixed wheel, Jacquard creates a feeling of both implied movement and precarious balance. Comprised of hollow bright blue geometric forms of painted Cor-ten steel, each element is joined together to form an open composition. The sculpture appears to balance on a trio of “legs.” It is a structure with few parts yet it creates multiple spaces where volumes intersect that seem to open and close, revealing areas that are simultaneously firm and flimsy. Its vivid coat of paint helps to separate the sculpture from its surrounding environment adding to its almost magical suspension in space.  Jacquard said about Cubed Squared: “Like a Zen garden, I hope that it presents for the viewer a sense of tranquility and simultaneous challenge, the chemistry between the physical and the intellectual.”

Dimensions: 15′
Year completed: 1969
Material: Painted cor-ten steel
Owner: Laumeier Sculpture Park commission with funds donated by Mr. and Mrs. John Grunwald

About the artist: