Public Art

Earth Rabbit

By Catharine Magel
Category: Sculpture


Magel chose to sculpt the form of the rabbit because of its universal appeal and cultural significance. Among many other meanings that it holds, the rabbit symbolizes luck for the New Year and fertility for creative ideas. By examining the wealth of world mythology and folklore involving rabbits and hares one finds many wonderful universal tales that can relate to one’s own life. These tales are a place to begin teaching children of the similarities with neighbors from diverse backgrounds. One can see influences of Br’er Rabbit stories from the African American oral tradition to popular cartoons. In films and cartoons, Bugs Bunny is the best known rabbit trickster of the present age: equal parts rascal and culture hero, he represents the absolutely classic trickster type. In the work Earth Rabbit, the use of storytelling becomes an irreplaceable educational tool that helps the viewer derive his own meaning in his own time.

Dimensions: 35′
Year Completed: 2008
Material: Welded armature, foam, fiberglass, mosaic and glass tiles
Owner: City of St. Louis

About the artist: