Public Art


By Charles Arnoldi
Category: Sculpture


Eclipse is a quirky, double-oval-shaped bronze sculpture with “Giacometti-esque” elongation. Each hollowed-out, walnut shape employs the hand of the artist, as frantic finger trails are embedded into the surface. Quasi-figurative in form and scale, Eclipse refers in both concept and composition to Arnoldi’s painting practice, literally documenting the trace of his hand. This work illustrates Arnoldi’s sensitivity to surface, gestural movement, organic pattern, the play between positive and negative space and the ongoing investigation and invention of his own vocabulary of forms.

Eclipse is currently  loan to the Lambert International Airport for five years as part of the Lambert Art & Culture Program.

*Description courtesy of Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Dimensions: 8′
Year Completed: 1990
Material: Cast bronze

About the artist: