Public Art

Eros Bendato

By Igor Mitoraj
Category: Sculpture


Eros Bendato (Eros Bound) has the feel of an ancient relic that has been excavated and reconstructed. Artist Igor Mitoraj is inspired by ancient cultures and particularly characters from Greek and Roman mythology. In this sculpture, the dismembered head of Eros, the Greek god of love and desire, lies on its side. The bandages that wrap Eros’s face symbolically cover the eyes and mouth, indicating that desires and ideas have been imprisoned. The bandages also symbolize two opposing views of the world: either that civilization is broken beyond repair or that it is being held together despite destructive forces.

Courtesy of the Gateway Foundation.

Dimensions: 89″ x 146″ x 114″
Year Completed: 1999
Material: Bronze
Owner: Gateway Foundation

About the artist: