Public Art


By Susan Cooper
Category: Sculpture


Visible from both an elevated highway and the streetscape below, Footnote isa 49-foot-tall, bright orange, blue steel, and copper spire composed of intersecting linear elements. Resembling a giant abstracted treble clef, the sculpture calls our attention to and acts as a marker to the entrance of Laclede’s Landing, a lively entertainment district on the banks of the Mississippi River. In designing this site-specific work, the artist incorporated several defining elements of the Landing and St. Louis history into an abstract three-dimensional work. These themes include the historic river and land routes that converge in St. Louis as well as its history as a jazz capital. In 2002, Footnote was awarded a Better Downtown Award by the Downtown St. Louis Partnership.

The piece is fabricated from copper and mild steel painted with powder coat enamel, the most durable of paint treatments. It has a clear coat added to prevent scratches deep enough to mar the color. Reflective highway paint was used on one linear element. A final clear-coat varnish offers protection and allows any graffiti to be easily removed.

Dimensions: 40′ x 10′ x 10′
Year Completed: 2001
Material: Powder-coated steel
Owner: Laclede’s Landing

About the artist: