Public Art

Grosser PfuBrub

By Dietrich Kinge
Category: Sculpture


The work of Deitrich Klinge has only recently come onto the American art scene. Widely collected in his native Germany and in much of Western Europe, Klinge is most noted for his large scale, figurative statues. Like much of his other work,Grosser PfuBrub was first carved in wood with a chainsaw and then cast in bronze. Klinge almost hides the piece’s material through detailed casting and specific patinas. The result is a confusing appearance that undercuts the celebrated, Greenbergian search for truth in materials. This combined with the long German artistic tradition of wood carving, simultaneously ties Klinge to and removes him from a specific periodization or school.

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Dimensions: 78″
Year Completed: 2000
Material: Bronze
Owner: Gateway Foundation

About the artist: