By Claus Moor
Category: Miscellaneous


Built of gleaming white cararra marble and standing on a grassy knoll, the 35,000-pound freestanding doorway H1460 invites the viewer to step through its portal. While it may bring to mind doorways constructed by ancient civilizations, it may also evoke futuristic landscapes built and inhabited by otherworldly beings. With its cryptic title, H1460, artist Claus D. Moor invites the viewer to pass through its arch, free of preconceived notions about its meaning. While the base of the piece is permanently attached to its cement pad, the arch fits together like a vertical puzzle without the use of motor, bolts, or adhesives.

Dimensions: 12′
Material: White carrara marble
Owner: Southwestern Illinois College Foundation
Donor: William E. Schmidt Charitable Foundation

About the artist: