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Knowledge, Care and Technology

By Daniel Lawrence
Category: Sculpture


This piece Knowledge, Care, and Technology celebrates the blessedness of creation, highlighting the concept of interaction between dissimilar parts to produce unity. Said Lawrence, “At the time I was introduced to this project I was reading a book with a Biblical text that dealt with defining a human self: what a “self” is. I discovered a very interesting correlation between the author’s definition of a self and the theme of [SLU] Hospital (the original location of the work). The concept put forth in the book was that we are primarily vessels–containers of life that express life by means of three distinct capacities. The three qualities that make up a self are the ability to know, the ability to love, and the ability to desire.Knowledge, Care and Technology obviously fit right over this model of human self. It seemed quite fitting and praiseworthy that the structure of an institution dedicated to the preservation and saving of life would succeed in being the same expression as an individual human organism.” (Courtesy of SLUMA)

Dimensions: 15′
Year Completed: 1983
Material: Bronze
Owner: Saint Louis University

About the artist: