Public Art

Laumeier U-ME-UM

By Terry Allen
Category: Miscellaneous


Inspired by his family, music, and his love of the open road, artist and songwriter Terry Allen uses sculpture as a window into the human condition, and a search for the truth of human experience. Allen’s Laumeier U-ME-UM kindly welcomes guests in the arched entry way to the museum. Allen’s interest in the combination of language and light and the fusion of nature and artifact is both dark and playful. As the letters pulse in red, green, and blue, the 1917 estate house glows like doorway to an LA nightclub as the letters alternate in a poetry of motion and implied sound. Placed in contrast to the domestic architecture, the text surges with power and exuberance, promoting the indoor galleries as the staging ground for our exhbitions, events and performances.

Courtesy of Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Dimensions: 4′ x 8′
Year Completed: 1998
Material: Neon sign encased in plexiglass
Donor: Laumeier Sculpture Park commission with the support of Emerson

About the artist: