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Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola

By Ivan Mestrovic and Leif Neadross
Category: Mural


Depicted in relief are scenes from the life of St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus, and of St. Francis Xavier, greatest saint of the Society. Reading from right to left, the scenes are: the seal of the Loyola family, the castle of the Loyola family, early instruction of Ignatius as a member of the court, Ignatius wounded in battle, Ignatius in the cave of Manresa writing notes for the Spiritual Exercises with the vision of our Lady, Ignatius making his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Ignatius studying Latin with boys in Salamanca, the meeting of Ignatius and Francis Xavier in Paris, Xavier administering to the sick in Venice, the view of the seven at Montmartre, the document containing the Institute of the Society of Jesus, Pope Paul III approving the Society, Francis Xavier sailing to the Orient from Portugal, a map of southeast Asia with Francis garbed in surplice and stole preaching and converting the Indians, the relic of the hand of St. Francis Xavier, the translation into Japanese of the main articles of faith, which Xavier made before preaching in Japan, 1552–the year of Francis Xavier’s death, and the death of Francis Xavier on the island of Sancian, where he is contemplating a crucifix. His last words were, “In Thee, O Lord, I have hoped: I shall not be confounded forever.” (Courtesy of SLUMA)

Dimensions: 30′
Year Completed: 1960
Material: Carved limestone
Owner: Saint Louis University

About the artist: