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Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Rudolph Torrini
Category: Sculpture, Statue


Martin Luther King, Jr. memorializes the famous civil rights leader who died in 1968. The neighborhood association of North St. Louis City initiated the project to mark the beginning of a redevelopment program planned for the area. In the statue, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. stands with his right hand outstretched, as if giving an impassioned speech on civil rights or proclaiming the good news with a stirring sermon. His other hand clutches a book, perhaps the Bible or a book on the US Constitution declaring the equality of men. The slightly stylized rendition of King gives the statue its power and infuses it with a unique artistic quality.

Dimensions: 11′ x 5′ x 5′
Year Completed: 1977
Material: Bronze with granite pedestal
Owner: City of St. Louis
Donor: Union-Sarah Economic Development Corporation

About the artist: