By Kristin Jones and Andre Ginzel
Category: Statue


Mime explores the intersection of time and natural phenomena in a dynamic visual and visceral experience integrated with the environment of the Cross County MetroLink Richmond Heights Station. Three precise elements work in tandem to create the responsive, animated stainless steel instrument that gives evidence to the unseen forces of converging air currents and changing ambient light levels in and around the station. At the work’s pinnacle, thirty-two feet above the ground, a pair of perpendicular half-circles held in tension spin with the shifting breezes. Mysteriously propelled, the turning form’s motion defines a sphere, as if it capturing an invisible essence. Mime celebrates the spirit and vitality of the station, as it reflects and reveals its surroundings, engaging the visual participation of commuters, pedestrians and motorists. An inquiry into perception, invisible forces and time, the work explores our dynamic perception of the seen and unseen world.

Dimensions: 32′ x 22′ 2″

Year Completed: 2009

Material: Stainless steel

About the artist: