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Newspaper box covering

By Mark Coughlin
Category: Miscellaneous


The City of Maplewood Special Business District commissioned Mark Coughlin to design a newspaper box screen based on a basic concept provided by the city. An established metal artist, Mark Coughlin used steel cut outs to create a unique piece of functional art.

Coughlin cut maple leaves out of three sides of the work; the fourth side is open to let customers buy newspapers. A brown metal tree that looks like a live maple anchors one corner of the screen; the feet of the tree touch the sidewalk. The tree’s leaves are copper and with green patina. A large silver-gray maple leaf in a circle dominates the side that faces Manchester Road. At the bottom is an oblong plastic sign that looks like stained glass which says: Shop, Dine, Bowl, and Read.

Material: Rusted steel
Owner: Maplewood Special Business District
Donor: Maplewood Special Business District

*Photo courtesy of Maplewood Special Business District

About the artist: