Public Art


By William Conrad Severson and Saunders Schultz
Category: Sculpture


Primogenesis is an artistic and technological achievement. The two stainless steel panels of the 25-foot sculpture are covered with 36 thin, silicon-coated disks capable of converting the sun’s rays into solar electricity, causing the spokes of the giant sculpture to radiate from the center. The artists chose the title, Primogenesis, in reference to “first origins” because the work is powered by the sun, the origin of all energy.

The piece was originally placed in the middle of the pond at Oak Knoll Park which was the former home of the St. Louis Museum of Science and Natural History. It is dedicated to Marguerite Yates, long-time assistant director of the museum. Primogenesis now stands in front of Clayton High School.

Dimensions: 25′ x 25′ x 20′
Year Completed: 1981
Material: Stainless steel
Owner: St. Louis Science Center
Donor: St. Louis Science Center

About the artist: