Public Art

Redwood I

By Johann Fellacher
Category: Sculpture


Johann Feilacher’s gigantic Redwood I cut by chainsaw from a single California redwood trunk, is a potent totem that expressively redefines the atmosphere of the woodlands. Redwood I reveals the raw inner physical life of a single tree, where the memory of our prehistoric world is exposed with a careful vertical slice. Feilacher’s remorseless carving procedure curiously returns the wood to its original environment as a monument unto itself.Redwood I is thought to be the largest single piece of contemporary wood sculpture in existence.

Courtesy of Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Dimensions: 41′ x 8.2′ x 8.5′
Year Completed: 1997
Material: Redwood
Donor: Loan courtesy of the artist

About the artist: