Public Art

St. Louie Bones

By Robert Stackhouse
Category: Sculpture


Seventy feet long, thirteen feet wide and following the contours of an uneven slope in Laumeier’s Way Field, Robert Stackhouse’sSt. Louie Bones creates a rippling silhouette on the Park’s landscape. Conceptually modeled by the presence of our two powerful waterways, St. Louie Bones is a wooden structure with many historical associations. St. Louie Bones may look like a boat turned minimalist sculpture, but it also suggests a stage of primitive ritual. Resembling a rickety raft boat, St. Louis Bonesrecalls those who live by and travel the river: from native tribes in canoes, the European immigrants who landed via steamboats, to the river pilots that keep the local economy flowing. Like a ship tipping into a wave, idea and form are linked in a visual metaphor: this sculpture presentsa platform to express a literal, imaginary or spiritual voyage.

Courtesy of Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Dimensions: 4′ x 70′ x 13′
Year Completed: 1987
Material: Pine timbers, white stain
Donor: Laumeier Sculpture Park commission

About the artist: