Public Art

Still Point

By Ruth Keller Schweiss
Category: Sculpture


The six slender ballerinas, posed in “grand battement,” a classical ballet position meaning “great brush off the floor,” were commissioned by the developers of a new luxury hotel for the circular green-space in the driveway leading to the grand entry. Three years later, with the development partnership in default and new owners coming in, the sculpture’s safety was at risk in a squabble over the land, which gave the old owners three sides of the site’s property, and the new owners the fourth side, including the access road and sculpture. The new owners posted a gate at the access point and threatened to bulldoze the road and sculpture. A judge’s restraining order barred harm to the sculpture and fountain until the case was settled.

Dimensions: 12′ x 20′ x 12′
Year Completed: 1990
Material: Bronze
Owner: McDonnell Partnership/Ritz-Carlton Developers
Donor: Ritz-Carlton Developers

About the artist: