By Tony Cragg
Category: Sculpture


Cragg’s sculptures vary tremendously in material and thus appearance. However, his careful investigations of the unique properties of materials, no matter the media, are a consistent theme throughout his work. The product of this sensitivity is sculpture that successfully exposes an unnerving duality. Taurus can be seen as an example of this as the artwork is solid yet fluid, static yet kinetic, man-made yet organic. Others read a figural aspect into his work, pointing to their shocking anthropomorphism. Interpretations abound and even though Cragg has stated that he tries to avoid influences, critics like Sarah Lucas see deep, underlying comparisons. He “seems to have married Picasso’s sense of the body’s inherent absurdity to Marcel Duchamp’s notion of the ‘erotic machine.'”

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Dimensions: 93.3″ x 208.7″ x 113″
Year Completed: 1999
Material: Bronze
Owner: Gateway Foundation

About the artist: