Public Art

The Awakening

By Seward Johnson
Category: Sculpture


The Awakening is the latest addition to the public art collection of Chesterfield Arts. Located in a new sculpture garden in the heart of Sachs Properties, the monumental, five-part sculpture depicts a man struggling to emerge from the ground, where he has been asleep. The work, measuring 70 feet in length and 17 feet at its tallest point, was first cast by sculptor Seward Johnson in 1980 for a sculpture exhibition in Washington, D.C. This second casting will be a permanent addition to Chesterfield Arts. Johnson states, “I think this sculpture has a place in the universal subconscious.  He woke up, he’s coming to, and God only knows what this means…It’s his awakening. It’s also yours. There might be something bigger than you happening that you’ve got to wake up to.”

Dimensions: 70′ x 30′ x 17′
Year Completed: 2009
Material: Aluminum
Donor: Louis Sachs

About the artist: