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Tilted Plane (*Retired)

By James Turrell
Category: Miscellaneous


** This piece is no longer on display. Please see our Retired Public Art Installations page for more information.

The green space adjacent to the Grandel Theatre is home to a subtle piece of land art entitled Tilted Plane. Designed by the artist James Turrell, Tilted Plane is an earthwork comprised of two triangles of grass that gently slope upward from the corner of Grand and Grandel Square. The viewer can walk across the top of the work or through the work via the sidewalk that cuts it in half diagonally. In Tilted Plane, Turrell explores light and space in order to create a spiritual awakening of sorts in each viewer, who sees the work differently.

Dimensions: 6′ x 35′ x 25′
Year Completed: 1990
Material: Environmental earthwork – angled lawn area
Owner: Grand Center

About the artist: