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Two Open Triangle Gyratory II

By George Rickey
Category: Sculpture


Although born in South Bend, Indiana, George Rickey spent most of his early years in Scotland. It was there that he learned to sail the family boat, a cutter, down the River Clyde. Harnessing the wind would be one of the many life experiences that would one day influence his development as an artist. George Rickey’s sculptures are about movement. Rickey intends the viewer to experience the unique phenomenon of motion created by his sculptures rather than examine their forms. The bearings, gears, and axles on which Rickey’s constructions pivot are designed so that even gale-force winds cannot overbalance or capsize them.

Dimensions: 15′
Year Completed: 1982
Material: Stainless steel
Owner: St. Louis Art Museum
Donor: Chesterfield Arts Loan Program; Collection of St. Louis Art Museum

About the artist: