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Untitled (Ringed Figure)

By Keith Haring
Category: Sculpture


The simple shapes and bright color of Untitled(Ringed Figure) are reminiscent of Keith Haring-designed murals, playgrounds and public works from children’s hospitals, orphanages and day care centers around the world. He used images that were easily recognized and media friendly, such as the radiant child, the barking dog and the flying saucer. He used them repeatedly in a variety of media, including sculptures, drawings, prints, posters and murals. There is a feeling of energy and motion, which is created by the bended knees, that make the figure feel like it is about to spring forward.

Courtesy of The Gateway Foundation.

Dimensions: 144″ x 109.5″ x 72″
Year Completed: 1987
Material: Painted steel
Owner: Gateway Foundation

About the artist: